My Favourite fellow Mosaic Artists

My Favourite (Other Mosaicist/ Mosaics)

Jim Bachor Jim_Bachor_Evidence_of_Burberry

I have no art heroes (there is no one I seek to model my work on) but I have long been an admirer of the mosaics of Chicago-based artist Jim Bachor. The first work I ever saw of Jim’s was ‘Evidence of Burberry’ – such a successful and witty merger of contemporary with classical. Skilfully executed and conceptually ascerbic, Jim continues to knock out some real winners.

To view more of Jim Bachor’s work see his website


The work of these guys are impossible not to like. Masterfully executed and exploring a few of my favourite themes – both scientific phenomena and ancient/contemporary culture………..CACO3-mosaic-artists

To view more of CACO3’s masterful mosaic work see their website