2013 MAANZ Exhibition

1st Prize in the 2013 MAANZ Exhibition

On Friday 24 August 2013 I was honoured to be awarded 1st Prize for wall mounted work in the 2013 MAANZ Exhibition ILLUMINATE at Bundoora Homestead Arts Centre, for my work ATTITUDE.

ATTITUDE shows a sulphur crested cockatoo crest feather, unintentionally flicked into my garden from the head of a screeching cocky in a moment of unbridled emotional display. As the image floats on a transparent Valiant VC rear window (complete with vintage RACV sticker), it resonates with the 2013 MAANZ theme ILLUMINATE. Whilst ‘illuminate’ can mean the transmission of light (ie. through glass), it can also refer to the disclosure of something previously unseen; in ATTITUDE, of that fleeting moment when one cocky’s rage ejected a feather created by mother nature for the very purpose of emphasis.