Mosaic in the Contemporary World

2016 AIMC CONGRESS Mosaic in the Contemporary World: 18-22 May 2016 SPILIMBERGO, ITALY When I first heard that the 2016 AIMC* Congress was going to be hosted by the Spilimbergo School (La Scuola di Mosaicisti del Friuli) in northern Italy, I knew that I had to be there; by hook or by crook. *AIMC – [Read On…]

Making Mosaics in the Anthropocene Era

Anthropo (man) + cene (new) In 2014 an American oceanographic research vessel traversing the waters off Hawaii’s Big Island came across an entirely new form of geology. Geologist Patricia Corcoran and Captain Charles Moore documented their findings from active volcanic beach environments, labeling these new types of rock ‘plastiglomerates’. They have been created through the [Read On…]

RKM- Road Kill Mausoleum

RKM- Road Kill Mausoleum RKM COLLECTIVE
 Helen Bodycomb – RKM Set Design and Mosaic, The Pieta Ulrike Barbara von Radichevich – RKM Set Design and Production Jilli Rose – Amnesiac
(Animation) Davide Michielin – Sarcophagus (Film) RKM is a multi-media architectural installation that was first exhibited at the 2015 Castlemaine State Festival (13th – 22nd March [Read On…]

Arts & Edges Kalgoorlie Summit

Arts & Edges Kalgoorlie Summit In October 2014 I was thrilled to be able to attend the 2014 Regional Arts Australia Summit – titled ‘Arts and Edges’. Held over 4 days in the rather remote and unique location of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia, it was always going to be somewhat of an adventure just in [Read On…]

Ancient Mosaic Essay

Ancient Mosiacs And their Conversation with the new I liken Greek and Roman Mosaics to really good red wine. The first swig is never the tastiest, but as the palate acclimatises great depths of beauty are revealed. There is much I admire about ancient mosaics, on many levels. The logic and elegance of andamento – [Read On…]

A few of my favourite Mosaics

A Selection of my Favourite Mosaics Manga Medusa One day whilst René and I were working in the studio, he misheard something I said about a possible future mosaic we might make. René thought he heard me make reference to a Manga Medusa mosaic. We were both amused by the thought of a hybrid of [Read On…]

My Favourite fellow Mosaic Artists

My Favourite (Other Mosaicist/ Mosaics) Jim Bachor  I have no art heroes (there is no one I seek to model my work on) but I have long been an admirer of the mosaics of Chicago-based artist Jim Bachor. The first work I ever saw of Jim’s was ‘Evidence of Burberry’ – such a successful and [Read On…]