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Mosaic Artist

I am a contemporary artist who, having initially trained as painter, now practices predominantly in stone and glass (mosaic) and sculpture. I live and work in Central Victoria, Australia, and am currently engaged in practice-led research at La Trobe University, where I am doing a PhD. My research project is titled ’The Material and The Immaterial’ and is an exploration of classical mosaic methods in contemporary works. I have several streams to my practice: much of my work is commissioned by private and public clients, I teach a small number of  technique-based workshops each year across Australia and overseas, and maintain a vigorous and increasingly experimental studio and exhibition practice.

Latest news:

A highlight of 2017 has been Helen leading the inaugural Mosaics of Northern Italy Tour, to Venice, Spilimbergo and Ravenna.  Due to popular demand, Helen will conduct this Tour once again in 2018, from 14-28 May.

To find out more, go to page Mosaics of Northern Italy Tour.

Inaugural Australian Mosaic Study Tour (2017 Mosaics of Northern Italy Tour)
La Scuola di Mosaicisti del Friuli, Spilimbergo, Italy May 2017

Mosaic Workshop – FULL

Direct Method Mosaics on Fibreglass Mesh: Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 April 2018

(PLUS extra day to finish work Monday 23 April)

This is possibly one of the most useful of mosaic methods and was first learned by Helen at the Spilimbergo school (Italy) in 2001. Helen has since used this technique on multiple small and large projects. It is particularly useful for making large scale direct-laid textured mosaics with absolutely visually seamless joints (once you know the technique).

Movimento nelle foglie
in construction using direct lay on fibreglass mesh method at La Scuola di Mosaicisti del Friuli, Spilimbergo Italy 2001 


Guerilla Mosaics: Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 October 2018

(PLUS extra day to finish work Monday 22 October)

Guerilla Mosaics is a course about making mosaics for unusual, sometimes unsanctioned locations. We will commence with an overview of leaders in the area of Guerrilla Mosaics including Space Invader and Jim Bachor, and progress to developing a small range of technical options and snappy ideas perfect for the quick-stick-and-run mosaicist. These mosaics can also be installed slowly, legally and with dignity and grace.

Barnacle Colony

(detail from Eubalena australis and the story of light)
Helen Bodycomb
white gold glass smalti, unglazed high-fired porcelain, glass beads, pigment, PVA