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The Castlemaine State Festival is a much awaited biennial explosion of all things high, low, community, insider and outsider art – with notable local, national and international artists – held in Castlemaine and nearby towns over 10 rollicking days. The 2015 Festival kicks off on Friday 13 March and will gallop to a close on Sunday 22 March.

I will be participating in the Open Studio program during various windows of time throughout the Festival. So feel free to come and visit me in my truly natural habitat at Lot 19 in McShanags Lane, Castlemaine. The amazing Indian potters ‘Crosshatched’ will be working outside my studio, so head for them and then just barrel on past their workshop to my big glass door.


  • SUNDAY 15 MARCH 12.30 – 1.30 PM
  • WEDNESDAY 18 MARCH 12 NOON – 2.30 PM
  • THURSDAY 19 MARCH 12 NOON – 2.30 PM
  • FRIDAY 20 MARCH 12 NOON – 2.30 PM
  • SATURDAY 21 MARCH 10 AM – 12.30 PM

I am the longest running tenant at Lot 19, and have worked here pretty much every day since early 2008. Visits to my studio are welcome at most other times (outside the Festival), by appointment.

My Open Studio hours are pretty tight as I am involved in several special events across the Festival. The really big one is RKM, a collaborative interactive architectural installation at the former Castlemaine Woolen Mills which is free to visit, and open from 10 am til 5 pm each day. Allow a good 15 minutes to take in the full RKM experience, and be prepared to make a return visit.

I will also be showing a rather special work – Pussy Riot – at RePublic Café at 26 Templeton Street Castlemaine, open 7 am – 4 pm everyday.

I look forward to seeing you during the 2015 Castlemaine State Festival.

See Lot 19s website for further details

About Helen Bodycomb

I am a contemporary artist who, having initially trained as painter, now practices predominantly in stone and glass (mosaic) and sculpture. I live and work in Central Victoria, Australia, from where I enjoy international collegial relationships with colleagues and patrons across Asia, Europe and the USA. Most of my work is commissioned by private and public clients in Australia, however I also enjoy a more experimental approach to mosaic and make un-commissioned works using ephemera such as flock, chicken wish- bones, VHS tapes and other non-traditional media. I conduct a small number of technique-based workshops in my studio each year, in addition to guest teaching across Australia and overseas.

About Road Kill Mausoleum @ CSF2015

Following some quality conference action in the US and WA during 2014, 2015 is looking equally sprightly. I have bitten the further education bullet and will be doing my Masters of Visual Arts with La Trobe University, as well as presenting a major collaborative work – RKM – as part of the 2015 Castlemaine State Festival 13–22 March.

RKM (Road Kill Mausoleum) is an architectural-scale, interactive multimedia installation that honours road kill and memory. Modeled on the footprint of the Byzantine Mausoleum of Galla Placidia in Ravenna, Italy, and built from thousands of VHS tape memory vaults, RKM is a walk-through memento mori. It explores death as obsolescence, collective and genetic memory, and the relationship between the experience of being human and our inner beast.

Poignant and provocative, RKM interweaves threads of indifference with guilt, horror with humour, and the real with imagined memory. Created together with fellow Castlemaine based artists Ulrike Barbara von Radichevich, Jilli Rose, and Davide Michielin – RKM is free and open 10 am til 5 pm from Friday 13 til Sunday 22 March. Come and see what you think and take in some of the other Castlemaine Festival action while you’re here. This BIG GIG only comes around every two years and there is heaps to see and do.

See the Castlemaine Festival website for details

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